Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Make a Facebook Profile Banner

Making a Facebook profile banner is very simple and easy. Though the video took me 8 minutes to finish. You can actually finish a profile banner for only about few seconds or minutes after you made your 1st one. Since you the time-consuming part is the slicing and removing of the parts from the canvass to make it as your mold for profile banner pictures.

Profile Banner can be very helpful in order to make your FaceBook profile account look professional, or you just want to gain bragging rights. You can gain some admirations looking at your very own profile banner.
Keep in mind, after you had created the 5 images for your profile banner, the last photo should be tagged 1st going to the 1st photo to be tagged the last. This is very important since, if you will tag your self in a wrong sequence, your profile banner will not look as you expected it to be.

I made this video tutorial for all of you guys. Since many of the Likers of my page are already asking How to make it themselves. You can actually go to the FaceBook page and Like Us here!